The Tomigaya Toys Page

Welcome to the Tomigaya Toys Page!

This Page has links to things in the Tomigaya area that are fun, digital experiments that we are trying here at Eccosys.

Annoying JavaScript Page
Sen and Yoon have conjured up a silly JavaScript Page. It has a maze which will send you back to the referring page, accompanied by a scream if you touch the sides of maze. Reach X and you might get a surprise.

Tokyo Subway Maps
Jona has come up with a interesting application of image maps to allow users to zoom in and view parts of the Tokyo Subway map.

Tomigaya Cam
Literally have a look at what's going on at Tomigaya now :)

Tomigaya VRML
Check out our 3-D Tomigaya World here.

Tomigaya WhiteBoard
Check out this Java applet we wrote. It implements a whiteboard over the net! Also allows you to Chat to a whole bunch of people.. Just login and check it out.. Leave messages for you friends!

Tomigaya Chat Room
There are currently people in the chat room.

Tomigaya ShockWave
Come get shocked with us here at Tomigaya. This is our Macromedia Shockwave page.

Tomigaya RealTime Weather
Now, thanks to the InterDAC, we can monitor the Humidity and Temperature in our office from anywhere on the net! So can you!

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