I made this one myself, using XPGS publicly available software (for Unix, X).

Can you see what is in this picture?

Directions: Either look to infinity and then slowly bring your eyes back to normal convergence while looking at this, or cross your eyes, and then slowly bring then back to normal. If you find the right eye alignment, you will see a 3-d image appear above the screen.

Key Hint:!! If you have the guide-dots at the top, Make sure that you wall-eye your eyes so that you see three dots!! NOT FOUR, but 3!!!!

These images are all Random Dot Stereograms. They are using your brains buit-in 3-d image parsing routines to trick you into seeing 3 dimesions! Watch you brain at work!!

I made these ones with xpgs, (To find out more look at the old local, old, non-html SIRDS FAQ!, or The New Zeland SIRDS faq). or more links, check out: Vern's SIRDS page in California! :

Cyrus SIRDS #1: "A flying soccer ball/bucky ball".

Cyrus SIRDS #2: "The ever-present Dinosaurs".

Here are a few more images I got off the Net. (No Hints!!!)

Image zero.

Image one.

Image two.

Image three.

Image four.

Image five.

Image six.

I got some new one's from my friend Jason...(jsheilds@)



There are more links and Stereograms availabe now at Grey Matter Media.

If you know of any more images of this type, tell me where they are, and I will point to them on this page.

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