JAPANESE HIP-HOP ONLINE JOURNAL This month's issue features original articles and reviews assembled by crack editor Omae Kiwamu, flaky local hero Egaitsu Hiroshi, and stranger in a strange land Ben List. Ele-Bugi also features original photos and graphic design crimes commited by the latter (representing tYPOtHERAPY dESIGN). This month's issue brings you in English and Japanese: o "Bakuhatsu '95 - The Year Japanese Hip-Hop Blew Up" a complete overview of the year's major Japanese Hip-Hop releases. o "Rhymester Interview" an interview with local group Rhymester following up their recent recording trip in NYC, and a look at their experience working with with Beatnuts producer Psycho Les and some comments about producing at home and abroad. o 104: News on local happenings, events, Japanese Hip-Hop-related topics. o Sound Sauce: Samples of three tracks from new label Vortex Records (provided via producer/consultant Takagi Kan). o Stomping Grounds: This section is amidst construction, but is aimed at providing complete info on Japanese Hip-Hop clubs, record shops, places to get gear and what have you. This month begins with a concentration on Shibuya Record stores, expanding over the next several months. o Legacy: This section is a complete discography of all-time Japanese Hip-Hop releases. It is ever expanding as new releases come out, and older ones are uncovered. Incidentally, we are hoping that those who like what they see will be willing to spread the word a little, link the site to their own, volunteer to help, submit album charts, whatever. Please send all contacts, criticisms, comments to for more info. Thanks, -b PS - Next month's "Krush Complete" (interview, discography, charts, Ben List* - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ! *Ludens CG & Systems Creation @ 03.5999.7047/ f 5999.7048 *tYPOtHERAPY!dESIGN @ 030.047.2337/ f 5999.0818