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Welcome to the Tomigaya Community Page!

We here in Tomigaya have a growing community of Web sites that are in someway or another related to Tomigaya. This page has links to those sites. If you have any suggestions or comments send them to

Tomigaya Netsurf Team
The Tomigaya Netsurf Team is a mailing list whose members haven't decided exactly what to do yet. Take a look at our page to see archives of the mailing list, our hotlist, or FAQ and other bits of information about the group.

Portola Valley
Portola Valley, the home of Scott Fisher, Junko Sumiya, Mizuko Ito, Katsumi Ito, Rudy and Joichi Ito, Gary Gealting, and Sonia Pasquali has a 56K leased line and a web server. Portola Valley is also the home of Telepresence and Transoceanic Ventures Inc.

A company that includes many friends of Eccosys!

Map to Tomigaya
If you want to find out how to get to the Eccosys offices, take a look at the map and quicktake photos showing the approach.

The Electronic Frontiers Japan mailing list has an extensive FAQ listing the Internet Service Providers in Japan. Now located in New Mexico!

Wireless Backpack
A Journey on the California AIDS Ride

You can place, search and browse classified ads for free!! . Buy, Sell, Dona te, Seek Donations Automatic matching: If there is a matching ad, you automatically receive an e-mail! If you don't get any response on your ad, modify price, description or extend the listing period.

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